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Journalist: the era of flagship smartphones has come to an end

Market experts expressed the view that the era of flagship smartphones is coming to an end: competition in the market has become so tough that no device cannot be called clearly the best, and the devices of the medium price category are almost not inferior in quality to expensive. The opinion of the reporter for The Verge, Vlad Savova leads Tj.

The journalist claims that 5 years ago, the situation in the smartphone market was simple: each manufacturer had their flagship — the Nokia N8, Xperia X10, Palm Pre or iPhone 4. However, in 2015, to determine which device each company can be considered the main, was a challenge: Apple has the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5, LG G4 and V10, Microsoft — Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, and in the line of Nexus — 5X and 6P.

Now all manufacturers understand that the device one size does not fit everyone. In addition, the border blurs the dualism in the market of operating systems: iOS and Android have left almost no chances to competitors and every day more and more become similar to each other.

“Simultaneously with the unification of the software has occurred and the creation of a “plateau” hardware capabilities. All smartphones now a great display with good response and acceptable build quality. Many people, especially Chinese, manufacturers have begun to offer fingerprint scanners, camera quality and other functions that were previously considered to be the property of leaders,” writes the Savov.

According to journalists, the current situation makes for new producers the path to leadership is incredibly complex. Therefore, companies have to take extreme measures like battery 5000 mAh Lenovo Vibe P1 (the iPhone 6s capacity is almost three times less), which may later become the standard for all. Apple has to increase the variety of offerings — in particular, the company released the iPhone in pink.

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In the last few years, almost every new flagship of the competitors was called “the iPhone killer” but none of them could confirm the title, and now the term itself has lost meaning.

“the iPhone, which can kill, not any more, now there are only the iPhone, big and small, expensive and relatively cheap. Flagship features now you can find smartphones in every price category,” – says the editor of The Verge.

According to Savova, buy smartphone in 2015 became both incredibly complex and very simple task. It is easy to get lost in the nuances, but seriously wrong is almost impossible. If the user will rely on their own instincts and buy the device that, at first glance, most suits him, he is unlikely to be disappointed. Time really passed terrible smartphones.

“That’s why we are at a farewell party for leaders. Smartphones have become too similar in software and hardware to select from them any one. The leaders are no more, because all smartphones have become very good — the parts that allow us to select from the variety of the best device become too subjective, whimsical and even funny. Who needs a flagship, and when cool the entire fleet?”

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