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Journalist is back on the iPhone after a week of use Galaxy S7

The BGR reporter Zach Epstein made two attempts to switch from iPhone to Android. And both times to no avail. Even after buying the Galaxy S7 is the best, according to him, an Android phone on the market, he’s remained loyal to “Apple” product. In the article “I really tried, but there is no reason why I should have to put up with Galaxy S7”, the journalist explained his choice in favor of the iPhone.

“I should probably tell you that I use the mobile operating system of Google with the first version, released in 2008. Actually, I know more about Android than any reader, with whom I was in correspondence. Not once since 2008, but Android didn’t become my main mobile platform – it always played second or third role after Symbian, BlackBerry or iOS,” cried the journalist.

Within a week after buying the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Zack studied the possibilities of gadget trying to find a use for it.

“All this time I was not able to completely abandon the iPhone. This would mean that I should stop wearing the Apple Watch. I just use iMessage to communicate with friends and family. So I continued to carry the iPhone and use it for correspondence. Everything else I did on the Galaxy S7”.

The main reason why Galaxy S7 did not become his primary phone, Zack calls the Android operating system: the OS and software.

“Android is a smart and flexible platform with large-scale ecosystem. But the experience offered by Android and apps for this OS simply does not compare with what is on the iPhone.

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It’s hard to understand until you spend a lot of time with the two systems. The level of attention to detail and design iOS do not go in any comparison with Android. All this small moments that may seem insignificant, but they spend a huge divide between the platforms.

Here is an example: iOS scrolls and swipes looks and feels very natural. When you flip through Twitter feeds or mail, I can see a really perfect physics. The rate of scrolling corresponds to finger movements, slow smooth and steady to a full stop.

The same scrolling on Galaxy S7 edge leads to the fact that the screen is accelerating like crazy, slowing down is very strange and unnatural way. It’s like walking the stairs instead of the escalator move. The same applies to other areas of the interface – a lot of jerking, stuttering the animation is not as smooth and natural as should be.”

Quality problem, according to Zach, is typical for apps in Android – a key component of any modern platform.

“As for applications, same thing here, and the problem is even more pronounced. In applications there should study and even from top developers very often made garbage. Of course, design is a matter of taste, but it is abnormal and inexcusable that the applications running on the most powerful Android on the planet-the phone freezes and buggy.”

“Releasing Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung created the best smartphone I have ever seen. But the company still relies on Android, but this operating system is just not able to offer convenience and quality at the level of iOS”, – the journalist summed up.

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