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Jony Ive said about the iPhone X in an interview for Time magazine

Apple design chief jony Ive and engineer Dan Riccio gave an interview for Time magazine 16 Nov. They told us about the difficulties they had to face while developing iPhone X.

Now that Ive answered the question regarding the refusal from the “Home” button in the new smartphone:

“We are faced with a very unusual problem that must be solved. You always feel some discomfort when you think you have found a better design solution. Because you have to give up something that is already successfully operating”.

Also Ive talked about the design of the iPhone X:

“There are some things you as users clearly understand. Some moments you too notice, but on a subconscious level. Such subconscious experience gives the iPhone display X integrated stainless steel and glass.”

“This smartphone will be the basis for future iPhone for the next 10 years,” added Riccio.

Ive and Richie noted that Apple has a clear vision of what will be the future of the company:

“iPhone X – in a sense, only the end of the next Chapter for the company,” added Joni.

Also, company representatives spoke about how Apple solve the problems that engineers and designers have to face:

“Just look at how technology has evolved in the past to regain the faith that a solution will be found. This, of course, is not enough. Important some engineering skills, but faith helps not to lose hope. This is very important”.

Again we are talking about the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone Jack:

“I think that it is not our way to hold on to technologies that have been effective for many years. It is safe and less risky but this is the way to defeat in the long term.”

Ive commented on the cost of the iPhone X:

“It is obvious that this amount of technology Packed into such a compact device will be expensive”

“Our goal is to create perfect products, but not cheap,” added Riccio.

From the moment Ive became the head of design in 2015, he focused on the work on the new headquarters of the company and the Apple Store.

Now Ive more dreams of a technological future and engaged in interesting projects. The task of managing the team of designers he has entrusted the Vice-presidents of Apple: Richard Howarth and Alan Daiyu.

Earlier there were rumors that Ive is no longer involved in the development of iPhone and Mac, but actually he’s still responsible for the way look and feel the company’s products.

In an interview for Japanese magazine Casa Brutus Joni said that the creation of iPhone X took more than two years. Due to the introduction of features like Face ID and system cameras TrueDepth new smartphone was the most difficult project that took on Apple.

16 November 2017, TIME magazine published a list of the best inventions of 2017. iPhone X included in this list. Also includes a new Tesla, drone DJI”s Spark and spinner.

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