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Jonathan Ive was the most stylish celebrity by the magazine Vanity Fair

Every year, Vanity Fair publishes a list of celebrities who wear the best clothes. He got hit with both sexes, which in 2015 has made the biggest impressions on fashion editors for its release. The list contains not only the representatives of show business, but also top managers of well-known companies. One of the participants list 2015 Vanity Fair has surprised many.

In fifth place male chart-Fox 2015 Vanity Fair turned out to be Jonathan Ive. It is the style of dress of the chief designer of Apple, according to the editorial staff of Vanity Fair, can be an example for others to follow. Ive prefer to dress Thomas Mahon of English Cut.

Also fashionable among people was actor bill to Find, finances Stravros Nikos III, artist IR UD and costume designer William Ivy long. This year, Vanity Fair is a similar rating for the 11th time: first top-list of most stylish celebrity was published in 2004.

Jonathan Ive is perhaps the second most important person in Apple after Tim cook in may received a new position in the company: now he’s the design Director of “Apple” giant. The Quince we owe the appearance of many Apple devices as well as integrated your favorite devices.

In his current position, Quince will be less alarming organizational routine, but the need to solve global company questions: it is now responsible for everything in the Apple you can apply the word “design”: from those same devices to appearance headquarters and design of retail stores Corporation.

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