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Jonathan Ive demonstrated the laboratory design Apple in new video “Designed by Apple in California”

Apple has released a video about the work of the design Studio of Jonathan Ive. Video created for the release of the book “Designed by Apple in California” on the history of the products of “Apple” brand.

In the video, Apple showcased how its design lab in Cupertino — a large open space with machines, staff are free to produce parts for prototypes of future gadgets.

In the video Jonathan Ive spoke about the reasons to release this book. As he put it, the publication demonstrates how unpredictable can be the idea, and the photos of the products allow you to look at “the incredible evolution of Apple design”.

A team of Apple designers working together for over 25 years, and all prototypes are created manually on the machines located in the lab. “Over the years we have managed to create a team and environment that, I think, increases the chance of the emergence of good ideas, and when they appear to notice them,” said Ive.

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