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Jonathan Ive believes Apple Watch product in the world of fashion

Apple Watch was designed not as a separate product, but as a fashion device, not only a functional perception, but also as part of the ecosystem of the company. About this in an interview with Mashable said Director of design at Apple Jonathan Ive.

During the conversation, Ive told how the Apple Watch allows users to change the image:

“I believe that this can be achieved simply by replacing the watchband. So you are changing not just the color but the design and perception of the device as a whole. In combination with dials and user interfaces Apple Watch, a person can dramatically change its image”.

Apple’s focus on the world of fashion can be traced for a long time. This is evidenced by a number of factors. First, the appointment to the post of Vice President of retail Angela Ahrendts, which left a senior position in a famous English fashion house Burberry. Secondly, the impressions of “Apple” gadgets at fashion Week in Paris. In addition, the company works closely with the fashion house Hermes, whose designers have set about creating an exclusive line of straps for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is a style element that keep the leaders of the States, nor the legislators of the world fashion. According to Apple’s design chief Jonathan Quince, it is a great success. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal he said:

“As products become more personal, what you wear on your arm, enters the space of fashion. This issue is very close to us. Understanding this aspect of the future products we are working on. We are only at the beginning”.

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In addition to Jonathan Quince, the publication also interviewed the chief editor of Vogue Anna Wintour and Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton. They discussed the role of fashion in the world of Apple, which became the sponsor of the fashion show 2016 Met Gala and exhibition Manus Machina x: Fashion in the Age of Technology.

Wintour called design Apple classic rather than trendy. “I don’t think the trend is a word that can be applied to the work of johnny”, she said.

Apple wants to scale new heights by improving the quality of products and maintaining fashion orientation. We are waiting for further development of the project the Apple Watch, which, no doubt, in the near future will grow into something more. In addition, the credibility in the fashion world, which Apple has achieved in such a short time, will also spur interest in Apple Watch. Users do not need the functionality or capabilities of the products unimaginable. They need attractive design and ease of use gadgets.

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