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John sculley called a weak battery is the main drawback of the iPhone

John sculley, former Apple CEO and business partner of Steve jobs, in an interview with CNBC called the main drawback of iPhone and told me how to fix it.

According to the former CEO, the value of the iPhone may fade into the background of the fact that it is long enough works in offline mode. That is, according to Scully, the “Achilles heel” of the Apple smartphone.

“It seems to me that the iPhone is still the most valuable product in the world and will remain so for some time,’ said Scully. In iPhone more, most of which is video, the battery life becomes a big problem.”

Scully was delighted with the rumors that the next-generation iPhone will be equipped with energy-efficient OLED displays, wireless charging and higher capacity batteries. In his opinion, it will increase the battery life of the iPhone and will allow users to forget the need for a permanent connection of the gadget to the power source.

In 1983, Steve jobs invited the President of Pepsi John sculley to work one of the most famous phrases in business: “do you Want to spend the rest of your life selling sugar water or do you want to try to change the world?” Scully and jobs ran the company together as Executive Directors. But soon their relationship soured. With the filing of Scully, the founder of Apple was fired from the Corporation. In 1993, at the insistence of the same Board of Directors of Apple has left John sculley.

Last year John sculley admitted that his main mistake believes that after 10 years of working in Cupertino, he went to jobs to ask someone to go back to Apple.

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