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John sculley: Apple should decrypt iPhone terrorist and transmit the data to the FBI

After the verdict, Apple asked the FBI to provide access to information encrypted on the iPhone in the Network appeared a lot of comments on this topic. Some believe that the company has to make concessions and help the FBI to decode the data, others support Tim cook in the confrontation with the security services. Former Apple CEO John sculley told how Apple can provide the police necessary information, while maintaining the safety of other users.

Earlier, the court ordered Apple to change the software on the iPhone 5c so that the FBI investigators were able to guess the password by brute force from the smartphone of one of the two terrorists in San Bernardino. Scully believes that the responsibility for obtaining data from the iPhone should not be the FBI and Apple itself.

“If we really need to find out information about the offender, I would prefer to have Apple unlock their own device and in the framework of the proceedings provided it to the authorities,” said Scully.

Tim cook promised that the company would not provide intelligence agencies access to the iPhone because this decision threatens the safety of Apple customers. A number of companies, including Google, Twitter and Facebook supported the CEO, others criticized the decision of the cook Islands. In particular, candidates in US presidents, Donald trump said: “I agree with the court a hundred percent… they think they are? No, we have to hack this phone”.

John Scully said that is not a computer security expert, but, like many, expressed concern over the possible receipt of special services access to classified information.

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“I think a precedent should not force Apple to disclose to the government the requested information, but it would be preferable to leave the company sole control for exceptional cases,” said Scully.

On the one hand, the situation looks as if Apple have become accomplices of criminals, but in fact the problem is in the long term to compromise the security system of iOS.

“We live in an age when terrorism is a threat to the future of civilization. I think we should know as much about the people who want to destroy us. But the authorities are imperfect. Provide them with a loophole that will allow to bypass the protection and to see personal information about each, is very dangerous. Sooner or later someone starts to abuse it,” said Scully.

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