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John McAfee said that he had hacked into the encryption of WhatsApp messages

Businessman John McAfee, the founder of the company-developer of antivirus software McAfee announced that he was able to hack the encryption system of WhatsApp. The team of McAfee, he said, gained access to encrypted messages via a vulnerability in the Android code.

According to the expert, due to security flaws in the software platform Google the McAfee team was able to access WhatsApp. As a confirmation of his words, the owner sent to reporters a smartphone installed messenger, then show the encrypted correspondence of one of them. He also sent all the necessary information to researchers on cybersecurity Cybersecurity Ventures.

McAfee says little about how he managed to find a vulnerability in your computer’s operating system. The journalists appealed to the specialists of the company LIFARS, but they denied the words of McAfee. According to them, the founder of McAfee just recorded the actions on the keyboard when you log on to messenger, and also used spyware software. Gizmodo adheres to the version of employees LIFARS.

Google did not respond to a request of the publication to explain the nature of the vulnerabilities and talk about the plans for its elimination. If cracking encrypted messages is still confirmed, it can be a serious problem for WhatsApp – the user will no longer be able to count on safety when using messenger.

Function encrypt messages in WhatsApp appeared early in may 2016. This message was sent to all messenger users.

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