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Jay Freeman has updated Cydia and Cydia Substrate for iOS 9

Debuted on Wednesday, the jailbreak for iOS 9 was for many iPhone and iPad owners the most important event of the fall. Users have access to software that is not available from official sources. However, after using the utility Pangu9 found that many tweaks and informal extensions are not compatible with iOS 9. Some add-ins disappear from devices after reboot, others lead to failure and cause random reboots, home screen.

Unstable work of the jailbreak add-ons due to limited compatibility with iOS 9 basic framework MobileSubstrate, which provides the functionality of most Addons. Because of the rush of Chinese programmers developer Cydia Jay “Saurik” Freeman has not had time to update the framework. And now released the official patch.

Official patch 0.9.6 Cydia Substrate provides compatibility iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch with many tweaks from Cydia. He corrected the work of the framework. The creators of tweaks got the opportunity to release compatibility updates, and users is almost workable jailbreak for iOS 9. Need only be updated Cydia Substrate to version 0.9.6.

The release of Cydia Substrate means that soon most of the jailbreak tweaks will work correctly on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 9.

Together with the updated framework was released Cydia 1.1.24, which fixes bugs store. In the description of the update States that it is fully compatible with iOS 9.

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