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Japanese scores 60-digit password on your iPhone for 10 seconds [video]

Eyewitnesses in Japan captured on video as a commuter train by a local resident introduces a complicated password on the iPhone for a short time. The owners of “Apple” of the Communicator opened the access to the device for 10 seconds, while gaining the 60-digit password.

As you can see on the video, typing 40 digits, the Japanese at the moment he thought, but still continued to enter my ridiculously long password. As a result of long set a password, the smartphone is unlocked.

Such a meticulous approach to creating passwords, and masterful execution of the trick caused the admiration of the users in the Network. “Apparently, his girlfriend is a real beast,” says one user. “What kind of pornography you have stored there?”, – asks another.

The audience was able to see exactly which characters gaining hero video. “19771232219992525526221151041881041911073923021501231287365. Don’t thank,” wrote YouTube.

“God bless slow playback speed” – ironically the fourth. Indeed, in the YouTube settings you can set the playback speed to 0.25 x, and then see what numbers introduces the iPhone owner.

The video of a clever Japanese for a few days was viewed more than 520 000 people:

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