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Japanese accessory for iPhone sniffing human odors

On the website Makuake successfully funded the release of the Japanese device that detects odors emanating from the human body. The device works with a mobile app for smartphones.

Product called Kukun Body “scans” the four regions that can stink: armpits, feet, behind the ears and near the head.

Funds to launch the device collected Japanese manufacturer of cameras Konica Minolta. According to the company, the product “feels” three types of fragrance: sweat, grease, and the so-called senile smell. The results are displayed on the iPhone screen.

In Japanese culture the odor was always regarded as the main source of discomfort for the society. In 1972, the government even introduced a special law “On control of inappropriate smells” binding to measure maximum permissible concentrations of irrelevant odours. And unpleasant odor emanating from man, is a sign of disrespect to other people.

Kukun Body will be sold at the price of 30 000 yen (about $260). The release is scheduled for the end of the year. On the scaffold company, the product output outside the country, information yet.

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