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Japan has released the cover for iPhone 6s Plus with three lenses

On the iPhone, iPad and other products with the prefix “i” is making a fortune not only Apple, but thousands of producers of various accessories. It became known today about another curious gadget that may seem interesting to many owners of “Apple” devices.

In Japan on sale case for iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s Plus with interchangeable lenses. It is equipped with three rotating lenses to the cameras: fisheye, telephoto and wide angle lens. To change lenses used rotary mechanism.

According to the creators of the accessory, lenses will always be on an iPhone, so the user will not lose them and, most importantly, the lenses are always ready for shooting. Quality photos the latest models is at a very high level, so such experiments are acceptable.

Accessory for lovers of photo and video consists of a plastic bumper in black with three lenses and additional transparent protective cover made of silicone. Also complete with attached covers to protect the lenses.

The cost of the accessory is 3219 Japanese yen (about 1672 of the ruble tokusaburo). Will we see a new product on sale in Russia, not specified.

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