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Japan Display showcased a foldable display screen for smartphone

Company Japan display presented a display for smartphones, consisting of two panels that can be folded like a book or photo album. The first ready device equipped with such a screen, will be released next year.

Developed by JDI screen boasts ultra-thin frame, the width of which does not exceed 1 mm. In this proposed Japanese technology allows to combine up to three panels with a distance of about 2 mm between them. And the panel itself looks like it could be removable.

The display panel can be synchronized with each other, turning into one big screen, or show different images, which makes them ideal for multitasking, allowing, for example, simultaneously watch a movie and websites on the Internet.

No specs were not disclosed. In the development of appropriate smartphone JDI has partnered with a large manufacturer, whose products presented on the world market. But the Nikkei did not name any specific names.

The manufacturer reports that the first phones with such screens make their debut on the market in mid-2017. Who was a partner? in Japan Display declined to say, noting that it was “the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer”.

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