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Jailbreak-tweak, which had long dream of the owners iPhone

In the app store for jailbroken devices appeared CallBar X utility that replaces the standard program for making calls.

Now, if someone calls the iPhone user, the work he performed on his smartphone, he immediately interrupted, and the screen will show off a phone number and keys in the form of green and red tubes. Incoming call even collapse is impossible.

Developer CallBar X solved this problem simple and at the same time quite elegant way, turning the cumbersome interface of the call in a compact box at the top of the screen.

During a call, CallBar X looks like a normal notification with a button to “Reset challenge”. Also after installing the application, incoming calls will not interrupt your work with other programs, as they appear in a miniature window at the bottom of the screen.

CallBar X can be fully customized. For example, to block the work of the tweak on the lock screen, enable scrolling of long names, the choice of interface colors and so on. Making it possible to easily fix one of the most underdeveloped elements of the operating system of Apple.

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