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Jailbreak iOS 10.2: how to use the device without signing Yalu every 7 days

In early February, the Creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman announced the development of a tool for automatic signature jailbreak iOS 10.2. This will solve the serious problem of iPhone and iPad users who are forced to repeat the hacking gadgets every 7 days. Fortunately for users of gadgets with jailbreak there is a way to work around this limitation now.

The lack yalu102 is that after every reboot a jailbroken iPhone and iPad is deprived of access to Cydia. Hackers exploit called “poluprovodnik”: the gadget have to be converted to the status of the jailbreak, launching a mobile program Yalu102. Compounding the situation is the fact that the validity of the IPA file, signed with standard (not developer) account is 7 days. That is, after a week the jailbreak procedure must be repeated.

Network users have discovered a method that allows to bypass this restriction and recover your exploits in any situation, without attaching the gadget to a PC. The process is quite trivial and takes less than three minutes.

Step 1: In jailbreak mode, go to Settings –> General –> date & time and move the toggle switch “Automatic” to “Off”position

Step 2: Manually set the date a day later after you have signed exploit. For example, if the last time you signed Yalu February 22, you need to put the date February 23.

Step 3: change the date, restart the device. Now you can run Yalu102 and thus translate your iPhone or iPad into jailbreak mode.

Step 4: After completion you can return the current time by turning on the switch “Automatically” in the settings of date and time.

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Of course, you will have to repeat this process at every reboot of the phone. This will be the main moments of this method. However, this solution completely eliminates the need to re-sign jailbreak every week. In any case, waiting for Freeman, which should completely eliminate this problem.

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