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Jailbreak and Cydia for iOS 11 is already in development

Known programmer Jay Freeman’s jailbreak developed by Abraham Masri announced that they are working on the jailbreak and update Cydia for iOS 11.

Cydia is an unofficial app to download tweaks for a jailbroken iPhone, iPod and iPad. Its Creator, Jay Freeman also known as Saurik, is preparing for his creation of a major update with support for iOS 11.1.2. It also says that the jailbreak for fresh iOS version is in development.

It all started with the fact that the programmer Abraham Masri has published in his Twitter photo, which shows a jailbroken iPhone X running on it Cydia. He later added that the app for downloading tweaks are already working on iOS 11, but requires a compatibility update. Therefore, the possibility of Cydia is still limited.

Masri also added that hack recent firmware has helped the vulnerability, discovered by Ian Beer of Google Project Zero.

Cydia’s Creator Saurik has confirmed the development of jaybrake and Cydia for iOS 11:

“I never made millions, but all that I get now, immediately spend on the development of Cydia. I’m already preparing an update for iOS 11, by the way. And I kept my faith in the jailbreak”

Saurik has focused attention on the fact that he has to combine work and programming. Therefore, we can hardly expect a quick update. But fans of the jailbreak around the world now know that the hackers are hard at work on hacking iOS 11.1.2, and sooner or later it still happens.

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