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Jaguar Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Sport SUV remote control via iPhone

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a prototype Range Rover Sport, which can be controlled remotely using an iPhone. A special app makes it possible to turn the wheel to move forward and backward and braking. In the video, the company showed the use of this functionality for safe journey on unfamiliar terrain or implementation of Parking in tight spaces.

The app interface is similar to the game, but allows you to maneuver this car in the most difficult situations. For example, being next to the machine and not in the cabin, it’s easier to overcome the hills and bumps. The smartphone will also allow you to leave the Parking lot, if the vehicle is clamped on both sides, and to enter into it is not possible. In this mode you cannot move away from the car more than 10 meters; maximum speed of 6.4 km/h.

When the user with their smartphone is out of the working area, the car stops. Also blocking occurs in cases where the outside of the car owner is too close. Both constraints dictated by safety regulations. An additional requirement for the application is the presence in the vicinity of a smartphone “smart” key, without which the vehicle engine will not start.

Jaguar Land Rover suggests that this method will help in the first place, on the roads and the Parking lot.

Russian developments in the field of remote control are industrial and military character. In March 2015 “KAMAZ” has evaluated the development of unmanned truck 18 billion rubles, later in may, the stated intention was to add the control module in the newest Russian tank “Armata”.

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