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J. P. Morgan: iPhone 8 will be released on schedule in September, limited edition, average price $1100

Deliveries of the new iPhone 8 OLED display will probably not be able to meet initial demand. But there is good news: the device will debut under the traditional schedule in September.

According to analysts of the American investment Bank J. P. Morgan, at the time of launch will set the minimum number of iPhone 8 due to the shortage of OLED screens. We are talking about only 4-5 million display panels. Than it threatens? In the first three days after the start of sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s have sold 10 million copies, for iPhone 7, performance was roughly the same.

Available iPhone 8 will not be able to meet customer demand. Moreover, many informed observers were talking about the so-called “superloop” — when users are skipping several generations of iPhone, beginning to buy the new model — which is supposed to be significantly different from its predecessors. Also jeopardized the forecast for total iPhone sales in the final quarter.

J. P. Morgan emphasize that despite the limited supply of iPhone 8, the smartphone will be released on a traditional schedule, i.e. in September. Delays in the supply of OLED-displays will not affect it. Except that, the smartphone will be released in limited quantities. However, in subsequent months, production will be gradually increased.

If we talk about the average price of iPhone 8, it will be $1100. The increased cost is due to “production costs,” the analysts said. The price, according to J. P. Morgan, will not affect demand.

“According to our information, the production schedule of a new iPhone this year has not changed significantly. Current rumors reflect the uncertainty in the company this spring. We are looking forward to at the end of September the Pro model in limited quantities, after which the increase of production in October, with output on the planned volumes at the end of October/beginning of October,” writes J. P. Morgan.

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“Our assessment of the overall iPhone shipments in the fourth fiscal quarter amount to 42.2 million instead of the previous 49.5 million In the 2018 fiscal year, the volume reached 270,2 million devices is 262,9 million,” the analyst added.

Analysts say nothing about the problems with the production of iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus, which suggests that the company will not experience any difficulties with the release of these models. That, however, and no wonder: they will be the biggest update of the current flagships. And the production of the latter has long been established and Apple is not something new.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 will be the first Apple smartphone with a “frameless” screen and a number of innovative features, among which is called 3D scanner persons and wireless charging.

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