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Ivideon Oco: two eyes are good, but three is better

Many people still think that video surveillance is expensive, involving a long and time-consuming to install and are available only to the elite. However, this is no longer the case: with the advent of “smart” surveillance cameras have become much easier. One of these cameras is Oco, which is supported by the cloud service Ivideon video surveillance.

At first glance, the Oco camera pleasantly surprised by the bright packaging and a complete package: it is immediately ready for use, in a box has everything you need to install and operate. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy the brackets and consumables fasteners – manufacturers already took care of everything, and the camera can be mounted on any surface, horizontal or vertical. The set includes a flat cable length of 3M.

Oco is very compact, and its body consists of two parts: the base, if necessary, performing the role of a bracket, and a circular chamber. Above the lens is the led indicator showing the status of the device. The Oco is a very handy stand that makes it easy to rotate and tilt the camera and ensures that the most appropriate choice of shooting angle. During transport, the design quickly folds, and it will fit easily even in your pocket.

With regard to camera design, it is universal and concise: this camera is stylish, streamlined shape will fit harmoniously into any interior and will once again be evident in the neutral silver and black color scheme.

For Oco needs only an electrical outlet and connect to Wi-Fi. Compact dimensions allow you to install it anywhere.

The device is equipped with HD-matrix, which can record video at 1280×720 pixels. The camera lens has a viewing angle of 120 degrees, so the room is included in one frame. All this leads to very decent image quality with Oco, even in low light conditions. In the dark, the camera switches to night vision (infrared diodes), so even in pitch darkness will not escape from them, no one and nothing. Pictures that the camera upon detection of motion or noise in the observation, clear and legible, unlike ordinary cameras. The big plus is the fact that you can select and designate the specific surveillance area where the camera focuses on: great to see all the details of what is happening.

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Not to mention the simplicity of the camera settings. Oco is supported by the cloud service Ivideon video surveillance, so you just need to download the free app Ivideon in the App Store or Google Play, install it and configure it the camera, following the instructions (you must enter the password from the Wi-Fi network and display the generated QR code smart Luggage Oco). I.e. when you configure the camera does not need a computer: user can easily cost tablet, or smartphone.

The app is intuitive and easy to understand. With it, you can watch online video or saved video to the cloud, and view a timeline of short videos. Cloud video is stored for 30 days, and you will have access to the entire archive at any time and wherever an Internet connection can view the video online via Ivideon app or PC browser or download it in AVI format.

Thanks to the integrated microphone and dynamics you can send voice messages to family, if you’re away from them – it helps to be a little closer to them. Not to mention another incredibly useful function: it is possible to constantly listen to the camera on your smartphone or tablet, even if you exit the application menu Ivideon and blocked mobile device. Now none of the sound will not go unnoticed.

Motion detection and noise going on smoothly. Oco immediately starts capturing video, the app sends a push and/or email notifications, and nothing goes unnoticed. Also all the events (movement and sound) are stored in the application itself in history with the time when they were recorded. The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted manually, given the potency of curious Pets or other factors surrounding conditions.

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E-mail notification:

Push notification:

The history of the app:

Convenient as what the camera’s current settings are saved Wi-Fi network, so the transition of the camera from a power-off state to the working takes the least time and occurs almost instantaneously.

The camera can be used for a variety of purposes: to monitor house, summer house or car in your absence, to observe how your employees work in the office, to look after elderly relatives, children and Pets, or just for fun, to be closer to those you care about.

Oco –suitable gadget for those who want to stay abreast of developments regardless of location. Considering the price, functionality and ease of configuration, it is possible to assert with confidence that the camera Oco is one of the best in its category.

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