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iTunes: how to change the design of icons player since 2001

Designer red Leeden launched a website where it showed the evolution of multimedia icons combine Apple. Since 2011, iTunes came up with 10 different icons.

Introduced in January 2001 at the Macworld Expo player grew up to version 12.2, which has got support music service Apple Music, radio Beats 1 and service Connect. Major program updates appeared almost every year, except 2005, when in September it was announced iTunes 5, and a month later came the sixth version.

The first version of iTunes debuted January 8, 2001 at Macworld 2001 in San Francisco in company with iDVD and equipped with CD-RW drives “powermachine”. A c program icon in the form of a disk and three music became an instant hit, although in the first week it was uploaded 275 000 copies, but “the best and most simple audio player in the world” definitely set a new benchmark of quality music players.

In April of the same year, iTunes icon has undergone the first redesign – disk volume effect. In October 2001, Apple released iTunes 2.0 with one simple new blue. In the next five years Apple has three times changed the color of the notes icon, which became the first purple, then green and blue.

The current iTunes icon 12.2 white color corresponds to the new style of Apple with “acid” gradients and flat design.

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