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It’s time to forget about plastic: impressions after three months use Apple Pay in Russia

Last fall, when Russia earned Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, many copies have been broken in the discussions on the theme “the phone against the credit card”. Both sides quite convincingly supported a particular payment method, and believe like everyone. The resource browser Bankir decided to put the experiment on himself, and from October 2016 is almost entirely for payment of goods and services by Apple and Samsung. Here are some of the observations were made for nearly four months.


The staff of the shops and cafés do not care what you pay for. Them right, not before. And it concerns not only Moscow, but also other Russian cities: Voronezh, Saratov, Samara. Only once about the strange method of payment I asked the cashier in Moscow “Magnet”, but there is a feeling that it was just an excuse to meet you.

The main hassle when you pay with motley zoo gives payment terminals.

Sometimes they are asked to enter a pin even when you buy for 150 rubles, sometimes fundamentally refuse to cooperate with the phone (this was only once, in the Samara Burger King, and the girl at the checkout I about it beforehand). I stress that the matter is in specific terminals and not in banks, because of the same Bank terminals can work in very different ways. But overall, in spite of the light roughness, a phone you can pay without problems. Covers phone payment do not interfere, not only branded, but also third-party manufacturers. Though, probably, the dead lead wrap to put on the smartphone is still not worth it.

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Technology Magnetic Secure Transmission in the Samsung Pay a really useful thing because it allows you to pay any terminal and not to worry, it supports contactless payments or not. The proportion of old terminals in Russia, on the personal feeling of 15-20%. But, as practice shows, such a terminal is in the shop of draft beer, where you went 5 minutes before closing without a penny of cash and cards.

From the user point of view and Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are confusingly similar (with the exception of support for MST, of course). Don’t know what is easier to activate Apple Pay on the iPhone is turned off double-tap Home, or call the Samsung Pay app by swiping up off the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. However, Samsung has ergonomic one bug: when you take the device out of his pocket, hitting the Home button, he immediately recognizes the fingerprint and launches the Samsung Pay app. Close it is a matter of seconds, however I would prefer to have the ability to disable this option in the menu.

And more importantly, perhaps, why pay the phone and not the card. In my case the question is trivial saving movements. When I pay by card, it is necessary: 1) to get into the pocket and get the wallet 2) open wallet and find the card you want, 3) to get it to attach to the terminal (rarely use). If you pay with phone you should: 1) get into the pocket and get it, 2) to display the application and attach the device to the terminal. Sometimes the phone is already in hand, so that movements of even less. Yes, of course, is absolutely trifling saving of time, and I doubt that it is worth buying an iPhone or the relatively expensive Samsung. But given the choice I prefer the phone.

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For hours, I will not lie, do not pay. I think it is not a very comfortable position of the hand for payment. Probably, wear I watch with dial down, it would be much easier. But if you do not turn the clock down, it is better to get a smartphone.

Thomas Ko, global service Manager Samsung Pay, in an interview said that the main task is to provide distinctive advantages when using Samsung devices, which, in the opinion of the interlocutor, will boost their sales. There is a large element of truth. Now, thinking to change phone, I ask myself a question: and whether they will pay? And not with the help of different kinds of crutches, and, say, native?

Unfortunately, not yet managed to try the payment via Apple Pay on macOS, where Safari works through your iPhone. Works-it works, but not at the same the Internet stores and services where I normally am.

No, I do not feel there is a revolution comparable level with the advent of plastic cards, but useless payment system in the phone call. And as soon as they penetrate all of cheaper smartphones, the need for “plastic” will be systematically reduced.

Personally, I have already dropped considerably.

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