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It’s the perfect time to buy iPhone SE

On the background of the successful sales of the iPhone 7 and rumors of a radically redesigned iPhone 8 compact smartphone iPhone SE for a long time remained in the shadows. However, the recent update made it a very attractive option to buy.

Apple has increased the amount of internal memory in the base model iPhone SE up to 32 GB, while the price remains the same. Thus, over 33 000 RUB you get a device with the specifications of the iPhone 6s in a compact package with great battery life.

Although at first glance this update may seem insignificant, this aspect will surely affect the sales of the iPhone SE. Suppose you are planning to buy Apple smartphone but are not willing to put 53 000 RUB for the iPhone 7. In this case, you will have to choose between the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

Early conditions were as follows: iPhone 6s 32GB for 45,000 RUB against the 16-Gigabyte iPhone SE 33 000 RUB. For most users, this amount of memory is not enough, especially when you consider that the operating system takes up about 4.5 GB. The remaining 11 GB may be sufficient to install the necessary applications of a couple of musical selections from Spotify and photos from shooting for several months.

With this iPhone SE with 64 GB cost 41 000 RUB., which was close to the price of 32-Gigabyte iPhone 6s. Paying 4000 RUB, you have less memory for storage, but could use a device with larger screen, faster fingerprint scanner and 3D Touch.

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Now everything has changed: over 33 000 rubles you get a 4-inch iPhone SE with 32 GB of internal memory, which is not only endowed with almost all the features of the iPhone 6s, but has a more compact body and affordable price.

If you go beyond the Apple family, the iPhone SE is unique in its kind smartphone. On the market enough phones with a small screen size, but almost all of them belong to low or, at best, an average price category. SE iPhone, in contrast, is not inferior to larger comrades in anything except size.

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