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ITron portable battery pack 9000 mAh recharge completely in 18 minutes [video]

Simpiz the company announced a new backup battery iTron. It would seem that today is available to users of smartphones and tablets range of battery capacity from mAh a couple thousand to a couple tens of thousands of mAh makes the presented model is just another not too interesting product. However, iTron stands out from third-party back-up power sources at a record speed of charging. If these characteristics are true, that the novelty will attract the attention of many users.

Normal portable battery pack 9000 mAh fully charged in about 9 hours. For iTron with the same capacity just 18 minutes. This means that the user before leaving the house to put the device on charge for 3 minutes, on the road to fully charge iPhone 5s, 5 minutes is enough to recharge the iPhone 6s, and 15 minutes for the iPad Air 2.

In Simpiz told that by design iTron battery similar to batteries used in electric cars Tesla. High speed energy regeneration has been achieved at the expense of DUBI 1.0 technology, which allows the use of 100 watts of output power for fast and stable charging without overheating. Optimization of four channels of supply is allowed to reduce the load on each cell of the battery to a level that is usually achieved when using conventional chargers. iTron withstand more than 1000 recharge cycles.

In the package itself consists of the iTron portable battery and docking station. On the device USB port, compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. The dock comes with three USB ports, including one with support for Quick Charge 2.0, so that the user can simultaneously charge multiple devices.

The makers of iTron planned to bring together a product launch $ 30,000, but up to this point, the amount of fees approaching $ 110 000. Pre-order for $ 80, the sales start of the device is expected in may.

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