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It looks like Apple decided to “kill” Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung is the market leader plantations since the first Galaxy Note. The devices of this line have not only a larger screen, and stylus and specialized software to work with the electronic pen. In 2014, Apple said Samsung’s release of the new 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. But since the American company did not do anything that would distinguish the 5.5-inch iPhone among younger models. For many iPhone 6 Plus users did not rival the Galaxy Note.

Now, however, things can change. Apparently, Apple has decided to kill the ruler of phablets Samsung.

This year, the cupertinos don’t even have to strain – explosive Galaxy Note 7 has been withdrawn from markets, and it’s unclear whether Samsung will continue to support the series and will there be a Galaxy Note 8 next year.

Informed sources reported that in Seoul to discuss the rejection of the brand Note, as his reputation has suffered significant damage due to the incident with the fire Galaxy Note 7. The device was released in August 2016, in early autumn, the company withdrew the first batch of smartphones because of the numerous cases of fire. In October, Samsung announced a complete cessation of production and sales of gadgets after the same problems with spontaneous fire started with the “fixed” versions of the phones.

Meanwhile, Apple decided to make iPhone 8 with signature feather and has already registered a patent in the patent and trademark office. 20160364091 patent application titled “Devices and methods of interaction with the interface using a stylus” includes more than 229 pages, 150 of which is illustrated.

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Apple notes that the stylus for smartphones can be useful in different scenarios, for example when working with text, drawing, photo processing, correspondence, and even the installation video. The company has provided for the possibility of using a stylus for some applications, for example, notes on the lock screen.

According to the description of the patent, the iPhone will be able to recognize the stylus before it touches the display, and displays a special menu after recognition of particular gestures.

The patent application was registered on 22 Sep 2015, is not yet proof that the iPhone 8 will support Apple Pencil or iOS 11 will receive the appropriate functionality. And while even it is not clear whether the stylus is exclusive to the Plus version or it can be used with any iPhone. It is also unknown whether Apple will need to equip the smartphone with additional accessories can be built into the stylus.

One thing is for sure – Apple is very interested in expanding the functionality of the Apple Pencil, which at the moment is compatible only with the iPad Pro and is positioned as an indispensable device for designers, artists, architects, etc. the Emergence of such patent indicates that the company intends to integrate accessory with many of his devices and applications.

In the patent referred to faster and more efficient methods of interaction with the user interface using a digital pen. “These methods can Supplement or modify traditional methods of interaction with the device through the stylus. They reduce the number, extent and/or nature of the use and create a more intuitive interface. For devices with rechargeable battery such methods will help to save electricity and increase the battery life,” explains Apple.

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