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It is necessary to take: a 128-Gigabyte iPhone 7 cheaper in Russia to a reasonable level

Though slowly, but the Apple smartphones continue to become cheaper in the Russian retail. According to research analysts, now iPhone 7 with 128 GB of internal memory can be bought in Russia a third cheaper than at the time of going on sale last year. Lower prices on top camera Apple connected with the strengthening of the ruble and the upcoming release of the next-generation model.

iPhone 7 first, and quite expensive, but over time the price of the smartphone began to decline. After 9 months due to the strengthening of the national currency unit can be bought much cheaper. According to analysts, the iPhone 7 fell over the six months by 30%.

The iPhone series is represented by models with 32, 128 and 256 GB of flash memory. The minimum amount someone may not be satisfied, and the maximum is too much. So 128GB is the optimal choice.

At the start of sales of 128-Gigabyte iPhone 7 was offered in Russia for 65 990 rubles. Now the retailers offer Apple’s flagship c 32 GB of internal memory at a price below 50 000. The ruble during this time strengthened, and the competition isn’t sleeping.

Continue to fall in price and top-end Samsung smartphones. In particular, the model Galaxy S7 edge was originally proposed for 60 000 rubles, now its price from a number of sellers fell below 40 000.

Lower prices of the Apple smartphones could be affected by the strengthening of the ruble, which lasted for the last few months. In addition, the iPhone 7 is cheaper in anticipation of the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s.

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