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IT experts claim that Mac is easier to administer

Experts interviewed by the assessment company Jamf, agreed that the Mac on the background of the PC-competitors are allocated a greater ease of administration, in terms of security management, configuration, installation and technical support.

Among the respondents 62% said that Mac is simple to deploy, or at least easier than the PC, and 93% believe that mobile devices iPhone and iPad easier to enter in the corporate environment than other devices. However, only 36% believe that Mac easy (or easier than PC) to integrate environment-based solutions from other suppliers.

According to analysts, in 99% of companies use iOS devices and 90% of Mac. Analysts have expressed the view that such high rates are due to the presence of corporate programs device selection: 71% of companies employees may choose between iPhone, Android and Windows smartphone, and 44% between “Mac” and PC.

For 2016 the number of those who prefer iOS or Mac has grown, respectively, 76% and 74% of the companies.

Apple products recognize more simple from the point of view of administration, not only in the corporate sector, but also in the education sphere, stated in the Jamf.

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