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It continues to love, but Apple is no longer the main idol

Long time Apple was for millions of people around the world the main symbol of success and quality to which they felt a sense of attachment. A new study by marketing Agency MBLM showed that the American company behind Disney.

Apple is no longer close to people — to such conclusion analysts of the American marketing center MLBM. During their research, they conducted a survey in which respondents (a total of six thousand people from 15 countries) were asked to choose from 400 different brands, the ones that cause them the warmest feelings. According to the results, Apple ranked second place, losing the leadership of Disney. Previously, the company conducted a similar survey among the Millennials — people aged 20 to 40 years. The first place they gave YouTube, Apple also took the second place.

“The reason for the loss of leadership of Apple is found in three reasons. The first is the difficulties faced by the company lately. Second, these relationships are similar to relationships between people — they are peculiar UPS and downs. Finally, the third reason lies in the increasing importance of the media,” — said Mario Natarelli, one of the managers MLBM.

In his opinion, a particular impact on attitude toward brands in 2019 will have a mass people’s desire to escape from reality in favor of interactivity and the virtual world.

Only in the final the top ten companies. After Disney and Apple are Amazon, Chevrolet, Netflix, Harley-Davidson, PlayStation, YouTube, Ford, and Chick-fil-A.

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