It became known when Apple releases an augmented reality headset

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an augmented reality headset. But its release should not be expected either this year or next. This was announced in a new note for investors by the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

It became known when Apple releases an augmented reality headset

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According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's augmented reality headset will go on sale in 2022. It will look like an Oculus Quest helmet, but with a more stylish and sleek design using lightweight materials to make it comfortable to wear for a long time. “Apple glasses” will receive high-resolution displays and, most likely, will be paired with the iPhone. The smartphone will provide them with computing power, which will make them thinner and lighter due to the lack of many components. Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses will run under the specially designed rOS operating system. You can control them using gestures, voice or touch panels.

Unfortunately, accurate information about the cost of Apple's AR headset is not yet available. But, there is an opinion that the new gadget will cost customers a round sum.

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