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Is the AirPods made a track Down Marian hill real hit

Successful advertising often allows the artists to increase sales of vinyl records and digital music. But participation in a promotional video for a large company like Apple can completely change the life of a musician.

After the release of 14 Jan advertising new headphones Apple AirPods song “Down” by Marian hill was a real hit. Just a week after launching an ad campaign, the track soared to 37 place in the ranking Billboard Hot 100.

From 12 to 19 January, the number of sales of the song increased to 22 000, and the bulk came in the second half of the week. Over the next seven days the number of downloads grew to 34 000 in a week.

The number of listens the songs in streaming services skyrocketed. Before Apple released a promotional video, Down listened to an average of about 90 000 times in a week, but a week from 12 to 19 January, the number of auditions has fixed the mark of 1.6 million To date stamp hits the track on YouTube has crossed 4 million

“When Apple do it right, then for you the sky’s the limit…,” said Avery, Linman, which, thanks to Apple increased sales of the album Sway 2015.

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