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Is it worth it to buy extras when buying a smartphone in the store

Smartphones, with the exception of replicas and copies, are low-margin goods. This means that the margin on such items is minimal. And the basis of profit is the additional services that the consultants aggressively impose to the buyer. If the buyer starts to object, store employees will put before the fact: or buy services, or do not receive a guarantee.

In Mobcompany sure to get out of this situation will help knowledge of legislative parties on the rights of the consumer. And with this important factor can’t argue even the store Manager.

Installation of additional software

When buying a smartphone assistants in shops are often prompted to install “software Package”. And present it in a light that without all these programs the smartphone will not be able to properly function. In fact, it is a common free app: players, file managers, applications, social networks and online banking. And any smartphone user can download them from the app store. Antivirus, various “accelerators” and “magnifiers of autonomy” in General, we are talking about the iPhone. Who thinks otherwise, he is engaged in self-deception, or encounter a placebo effect.

Free service

Purchasing this service allows you to use the right to free service your smartphone. It is a kind of additional guarantee, in addition to official. In additional service can include advice on working with a smartphone, configuring it, diagnostics, cleaning, or even replacement. The stores offer an impressive range of services, but in each paragraph there is usually a “But”. For example: “We agree to replace this detail, but we will diagnose the device”. And during Troubleshooting you may determine that the device has been tampered with, or it is exposed to water. In this case, the buyer will receive a denial. Of course, much depends on the individual case, and a small chance to take advantage of the free service is still there.

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A relatively new way to defraud money from the buyer to offer to insure your mobile device, without departing from the cash shop. In short, in words looks very enticing: you pay a relatively small amount for insurance, and if the phone will the insurance case, you will receive monetary compensation for their losses. In practice, the buyer will be very difficult to prove that it was an accident. If the theft occurred, will need appeal to the competent authorities. There will have to insist on opening a criminal case, as well as to confirmation, to provide the store as evidence. And even in this case, can “miraculously” find that theft is not theft, but merely by the negligence of the owner where the phone was lost.

Insurance contracts are drafted by competent lawyers, so they almost always find a loophole, on the basis of which the buyer can get the refusal to pay compensation.


Buy this service includes the possibility to replace the purchased product for an equivalent price, within 12 months from the date of purchase. But nobody warns that the replacement is possible only in case of breakdown of the repair under warranty. Warranty and if this case is solved in the service center, and not always in favor of the buyer.


It all depends on individual desires and preferences. If you need a case, screen protector or glass, memory card, stand for smartphone, headphones, USB and OTG cable, or any USB peripherals that are compatible with the device — feel free to buy. But the stylus — it is too much. In the case of iPhone and iPad no stylus not cope with him better than the finger.

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Sticker protective film/glass, trim SIM card

To efficiently glue a protective film bubble-free — need some experience and skill. Attentiveness and ability to concentrate is also useful. Also need special conditions — a dust-free place.

But not all the desired protective film. If you know how to carefully carry your smartphone with you in separate pocket without keys, trivia and other solid objects, the film you don’t need. It go bad in three months and turn into scratched the surface in all conditions, and appearance is not the most presentable. Many smartphones have protective glasses that are very difficult to scratch, and in this case, the need for more films – a dubious acquisition.

Standards SIM cards are constantly changing in the direction of decreasing size. And if you purchase a new device after a couple of years, or even a year, it is likely that you will face with the problem that it is necessary to change the old micro sim card to nano-sim, for example.

However, the store will offer a couple of coins to crop the map a special device. However, to cut a SIM can own, at home. But if you have no experience, or are afraid to spoil it — better to do it by the wizard.

Instead of a conclusion

There is no need to pay for something then not use it. Abandoning the greater part of the additional services you will save money. Remember, you came to buy just a smartphone and nothing else is needed until you heard the eloquence of the consultant or have not seen his beautiful eyes.

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