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IQ Option – earn by playing!

Dollar grows, it falls, oil price swings, as Greece prepares to exit the Eurozone – the world economy is now attracting the attention of even those who she has always been completely uninteresting. All of these shocks one wants to put into practice – for example, playing the market, to have a little fun and even – what the hell – earn some money, benefiting from a dim economic education. Here are just immediately go on Forex or, worse still, NASDAQ will dare not everyone is still scared. It is for these, perhaps people invented IQ Option is a place where you can earn and have fun.

The essence of IQ Option about this: half of the screen is curve, which gallops, as it will come to a head. Your task is to guess where this curve is pulled out after the auction. Choose your bet, make a decision (say, the “top” – that is, the rate will be higher than when you set), and, waiting with bated breath. If you guessed (well, guessed), we get the win – the higher the curve of your stake, the more; the authors IQ Option especially note that you can get up to 92% of the winnings. If you lose – well, can win.

Feature IQ Option is that all bets are virtually in online for one option will take no more than minutes. All very quickly and efficiently in the spirit of the time – set, supervised schedule, lostwon, again. Of course, given the speed, one can hardly speak about any analytical errors – you simply will not be enough data for observation to draw conclusions. So IQ Option closer still, to the attraction, amusement, than for real trading on the exchange. However, as a simulator – the application is quite suitable.

Moreover, there is a demo account. You give your hands a thousand virtual dollars, which is free to do anything. Usually it is on a demo account it turns out, like a man with these things – so don’t be lazy, try your hand at virtual money, instead of spend real.

Speaking of urgent money in IQ Option you can really withdraw. Shall be credited as they are instant, but the hatch after two to three days – but are displayed. Yeah, not quite comfortable and something interfere, but, most importantly, the authors did not suit another Scam, isn’t it? And the rest of the nuances. In addition, there is a low threshold output is about three hundred rubles.

IQ Option has recently been updated – there are some cool features. The most important is the teaching assistant, which helps you to play using strategy technical analysis. Thing useful and interesting: in theory, if you learn these techniques, you can earn even for such high-speed options with their minute sessions. About Forex, perhaps, say nothing.

The app itself, through which you are offered to play IQ Option, pretty good. Eating fewer resources to run almost any technique, money (starting) is not worth it. The network code is well optimized, and how the design is to figure out what’s what, you will not be difficult. Good luck with the bidding!

Download IQ Option for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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