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iQ Arena – test your knowledge

In the “shelf” mobile Victorine arrived in the App Store with a new application iQ Arena. At first glance, is a classic game with a few twists. However, considering it turns out that this is not so – iQ Arena is fundamentally different from its analogues. But about all under the order.

The first is to go to “settings” and sign up – make it through VK, FB or Twitter, choose a name, the character (why this is necessary below) and set the parameters of the game. However, the last item is completely optional, especially because it can be done at any time.

Return to the home screen and start the game. In the iQ Arena four options: fight one-on-one with a random opponent or a friend, “mass start” with a random opponents and a mini-tournament with friends. In the latter two cases the number of competitors can be from 1 to 6. By the way, mention game with friends will not affect your rating. (How is it possible for friends to “climb”).

Chose to start the match. iQ Arena – a kind of “hybrid” quiz and exercise memory, logic and attention. “Classical” education questions interspersed with the original job created using 9 colored balloons. Original and exciting. (If you have difficulty with the task, you can always practice on the settings tab).

The questions varied, there are also some quite simple, and the level of mega-specialist. Any question you can select multiple response options – 1,2 or 4, however, and the cost of a correct answer will lower accordingly.

And now the most interesting. The fact that you don’t know how to play the opponent – the intrigue remained until the end. As soon as you and the opponents complete the tasks and answer all the questions (and I must say that each game is strictly limited to a maximum of one hour – that is, not have to wait for opponents for several hours or days), all the characters – so they are useful — be at the stadium on the running track hurdles. Race begins, where everything is run down and overcome barriers as answered questions and performed tasks.

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Thus, if you have not answered the question, and the opponent “took” him – your character stumbles and falls, and the character of the opponent quickly runs through this area; you instantly have completed the task, and the opponent slipped on it – your character is so immediately peremahivaet a barrier, and the opponent knocks it over and slows down.

And finally, the finish! Immediately visible final results, if you wish, you can repeat the race view detailed results.

There is a General ranking of all players and “detailing” it from the country to the neighborhood.

In conclusion, we can say that the iQ Arena – unusual, fun and gambling, and the classic quiz-a quiz is always possible to transform beyond recognition!

Download iQ Arena for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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