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iPod 16 years old

16 years ago, on 23 October 2001, Steve jobs revealed the first iPod.

The first iPod was presented in the hall of the Apple Town Hall, which is located in the old headquarters of the company. Apple advertised the first-generation iPod using the slogan “1000 songs in your pocket”. Besides the compact size, from other players, the iPod was different way of managing. Apple invented the Click Wheel — the scroll wheel, which allows you to quickly scroll through lists of songs. Later the Click Wheel became the integral attribute of the iPod Classic. The first iPod was working from a single charge of 10 hours and cost $ 399.

When Steve jobs presented the first iPod, he called it a quantum leap forward and identified three main innovations: portability, legendary ease of use and syncing with iTunes.

iPod —a music player that reproduces music with CD quality and supports all popular music formats. Most interesting is that it contains 1000 songs. It’s a quantum leap because for most people it’s their entire music library. How many times have you forgotten CD, which I wanted to hear? With the iPod this will not happen, because the whole music collection is available right in your pocket.

Steve jobs about the iPod first generation

After the first iPod was presented to the iPod Photo and iPod mini in 2004, the tiny iPod nano and iPod shuffle in 2005, iPod touch in 2007. Today iPhone has become a replacement iPod.

Apple stopped selling iPod nano and shuffle in July 2017. iPod touch is the last player that Apple produces. The last time it was updated in 2015 and it is unknown whether it will release the new version.

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