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iPhone X will show the text of the notification only to the owner

iPhone X will show the contents of notifications on the lock screen only if it looks the owner.

iPhone X will quietly scan the user’s face and show full text of notifications on the lock screen only owner. If the phone is in the hands of a stranger, a man will see only the source, but not the content itself.

This feature works on other devices with installed iOS 11, but a bit different, because technology Face ID feature only iPhone X. the Difference is that every time to see the notification will have to scan the fingerprint.

Owners of iPhone and iPad with Touch ID can go to settings and enable display of the notification content only when the device is unlocked. Once enabled, a lock screen displays only a notification source and the number of unread messages inside it.

Even in such a situation Face ID shows superiority over the outdated technology of its convenience and ease of use.

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