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IPhone X the divine brand case. Have seen this 2 months

Paul Gorodnitsky – how is guaranteed not to break the smartphone for 80 thousand rubles.

I sincerely believe that the phones need to carry without covers. Designers (especially at Apple) tried, thought through and drew every detail of the case explicitly in order to shut some sort of case for a few hundred rubles.

It is logical that the last five years I have worn iPhones without covers. But with iPhone X I have not got. First, it’s glass and quite slippery, and the replacement back panel worth 550 bucks to me would be just a pity to pay so much money for the repairs.

Secondly, I bought “ten” on the first day, when “the Euronetwork” operated action: you can either take cover or insurance, or sit without the iPhone.

More information can be read here, and I’ll cut to the chase. We had to choose quickly, so I just poked into the leather case more or less natural color. On the Russian Apple website, this color is called “Golden brown”, and the case is 4090 rubles.

In the States he asked for less ($50), and in “Euroset” I took 4500 rubles. But that’s okay – accessory worth every ruble.

Here are the five main advantages:

1. He’s extremely pleasant to the touch. Branded silicone cases for iPhone X costs about three thousand. This is nonsense – such cases should not cost more than five hundred rubles, because to touch the rubber just disgusting.

2. It really protects the phone. Safe not only the rear panel, but the screen, thanks to tabs on the ends. The projections do not interfere to use the phone – for example, my fastest typing speed on virtual keyboard absolutely fell. Frankly, I never felt discomfort with the case, but I think that adjusting will be painful.

3. It is easy to remove and put on. Believe it or not, this is also a plus: you know the covers that you need to strip off the smartphone.

4. The case has its side buttons. Accordingly, to control the volume and remove iPhone X lock also conveniently, as if a case on it at all. Only open the lever to silent mode – to switch, of course, not as easy as on the “naked” iPhone, but nothing terrible, either. I quickly adapted.

5. The case is very aesthetically pleasing age. Two months later, he’s not Golden brown, just dark dark brown. And it quickly heal and overwritten: now the case looks very solid, quite justifying its price tag of 4500 rubles.

At the end I will say this: several times this leather thing definitely saved my iPhone from destruction. He was falling at home, fell to the street, fell on a tile on carpet and on concrete. Fell from the tables, the bed, the table, the height of human growth.

All flights – without consequences for the body and screen. So the case is much better than any false insurance: cheaper, more useful and more enjoyable.

But, of course, it is foolish to deceive yourself. Without accessories (even the most beautiful) iPhone X much sexier than them. So I desperately jealous brave (or stupid? or too rich?) people who are “top ten” without a cover.

PS Classic form factor of this case, I think, is also perfect. Bumpers and silicone pads – cheap and ugly (almost always) flip-case – elementary bad manners from 2013, and everything is neat and noble.

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