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iPhone X seems to be pulling out hair. Why this story is utter nonsense

Paul Gorodnitsky explains why it’s silly to blame Apple for poor quality Assembly.

In the fall of 2014 I bought iPhone 6 and was faced with the fact that during conversations in the seam between the screen and the housing fall hair. Mechanic is the substitute device to the cheek, then slightly move the phone to the side, and he tears nuclear stubble.

The first time I thought I thought. The second time, screamed. The third time, cursed. Then looked at the phone and found that a visible gap is nowhere. In the end I used to hold the iPhone 6 a little differently to this part of the case just not in contact with my face and hair.

Of course, I was not surprised when I read that this strange household the problem with the iPhone 6 is not just me. Dozens, hundreds of people were mad due to the fact that the smartphone insolently rips the hair – the process is really unpleasant.

Cold-blooded silence, Apple has surprised even less then elementary nothing to comment on. The fact that the aggressive backlash in varying degrees exists in all smartphones. Seamless machine to do is impossible, so separate instances of true pluck hairs.

For example, a colleague of mine has experienced this phenomenon even on the iPhone 5, but another friend insisted that LeEco Le Max 2 can use as the appliance. It turns out, from the tiny (seriously – its not even visible) cracks affects not only the owners of iOS devices, but owners of Android-devices.

So to blame only Apple is meaningless: just other vendors are not so popular among the users to explore so tiny claim. When any Android device mass marriage is important infopovod, but when the same phone tore off three hairs – this is not the event. Apple all the way – the company, as in the history with the slower processor, was the victim of his own popularity.

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Funny that the problem of torn out hair didn’t say more than three years, although the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 pinch off their no less successful than the iPhone 6.

And now suddenly it turned out that #HairGate is relevant for the iPhone X.

And the location, where you can lose your hair, have new: the switching lever is in silent mode (what?!) and the cutout at the top of the screen (aka “the unibrow”). Specially tested with your iPhone X – hair no rush. In the traditional place (the connection right at the end), too anything similar is not observed.

Sure to worry about #HairGate is not worth:

1. In theory the problem can be found generally on any smartphone – it’s hard not to get lucky. Again: massive gaps gnaw human hair, nowhere, no one manufacturer.

2. The fastest solution is to purchase case. The second most effective measure is to find the position at which the smartphone will remain secure to the scalp.

3. Jokes about the razor for 80 thousand it is better to keep to yourself – this is bad, as the humor of kidneys to sell to buy iPhone.

This is not to say that the iPhone X is sinless. For example, it indirectly works Face ID (need to configure), and in the future is likely to subside speaker.

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