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iPhone X like even fans of Android, but not to bad bloggers

iPhone X gets rave reviews from fans of Android and Microsoft, but some angry bloggers want Apple’s new flagship failed. Edition AppleInsaider analyzed the feedback.

“Use iPhone X — is a pleasure”, says Stephen Sinofsky, who until 2012 headed the office Microsoft for Windows development.

7 Nov edition Factcodesing released an article with the headline “iPhone X is a nightmare for the user.” The arguments that the lack of the Home button and unusual design make the smartphone uncomfortable, Sinofsky said, “Oh, please”.

Commenting on almost every paragraph of the article, Stephen Sinofsky wrote that the use of the iPhone X — is a pleasure. And indignation about the gestures and design of the Apple smartphone, compared with the statements of skeptics about the computer mouse in 1984.

Complaints of iPhone X from journalists

The article, by perturbing a former developer of Windows has been written by Jesus Diaz, the former author of the Gizmodo. The blogger disliked the Apple after the incident with the iPhone 4, when the publication has acquired a stolen prototype of the smartphone for $ 5,000, but were unable to do with him. The company from Cupertino did not go on the transaction and did not provide access to the functions of the apparatus.

The magazine’s staff believed that they were able to spread important information about the new product before the presentation. Diaz and his colleagues posted a photo of the gadget and refused to return the prototype, until it is not the police intervened. Bloggers don’t even guessed that the main innovations of the iPhone 4 are connected not with design but are in the function of FaceTime, the new Retina Display, the first gyroscope and the A4 chipset.

The authorities have pointed to reports that the Gizmodo staff were extremely hostile and very angry at Apple. Perhaps the reason for discontent was that the newspaper was never invited to activities of the Corporation Steve jobs.

Diaz continues to hate Apple and the iPhone, he regularly publishes articles critical of smartphones.

“iPhone X is a sham. This is the epitome of fluff over function. The penultimate step to the doctrine of “less is more”. Apple is behaving like a greedy kid in a cupcake shop — she needs everything,” says Diaz.

Jesus compares the iPhone X with a shiny can of candy and outraged that Apple is not working on creating more durable materials, improvement of the quality of reception or increase battery capacity. Also, the blogger believes that the 5.8-inch OLED display and is not needed. Got and the system of facial recognition the user’s Face ID and the processor A11. Diaz doubts the usefulness and importance of these innovations.

The journalist from the Wall Street Journal Joanna stern in the review iPhone X went through the gestures of a novelty, calling them the superiority of unnecessary complications on a target. the iOS application was awarded the title unusable, especially got the services belonging to Google, Facebook and Amazon. While stern continued to admire Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even when the batteries this model began to explode around the world.

The opinion of ordinary people care about Apple more than the opinion of bloggers

In 2017 Apple is very upset technical bloggers, iPhone sending X to the start of sales of professional photographers, YouTube stars and other people who usually are not produced related to smartphones.

Western techno-bloggers are often wrong and for the last 10 years has repeatedly issued misleading forecasts. Apple products are often subjected to harsh and not always justified criticism, while similar products of other companies and have received positive feedback.

Despite the efforts of bloggers, Apple strengthens its position and from year to year sets new sales records. Support less expensive models of the iPhone helps the company to reach a wider audience and attract new customers. Apple is the only Western tech company that has achieved results on the China market.

Apple is unable to completely neutralize the impact of bloggers. However, when the iPhone X was in the hands of ordinary customers, in a network there was positive feedback from real customers, not journalists working for a competitor.

Reviews by word of mouth

Platform Reddit was recently published a post with the title: “a Review on iPhone X from someone who has spent a life use Android”. The author notes the high performance chipsets to Apple, the simplicity and accuracy of the work Face ID. Compares TrueDepth camera project Tango Google and says that the infrared sensors were very much impressed by it. At the end of the post, the author admits that iPhone X and liked it much more than the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Other users also noted the high power flagship Apple. Comparison with Android smartphones without fanaticism. The only thing that causes criticism is the location of the application at the top of the screen. Most of waiting for when Apple will allow apps on the discretion of the owner: the bottom of the screen with the free the top or the side.

Speeds Face ID

Even before the release of the smartphone bloggers speculated that the facial recognition system user will work long and properly.

However, it appeared that Face ID without problems know user. Mistakes are made, if the owner of iPhone have X identical twin.

Flow skeptics pouring from representatives of technology companies, eager to detect any error Apple. Device competitors do not receive a tenth of the criticism that falls on the iOS products.

However, the efforts of the opponents Apple is unlikely to overflow the Corporation from Cupertino.

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