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iPhone X is able to hide the content of notifications from strangers

Due to the Face ID, X iPhone knows when his owner looks at the smartphone. Now he will hide notifications content, yet does not recognize the face of the owner. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

If someone takes someone else’s iPhone X and decide to watch the last notification you will see only the list of applications from which you received the alerts. As soon as the phone owner will look at all hidden information will appear on the screen.

By default, all iPhone models that are older than X show the contents of the notification. For example, an alert e-mail displays the subject and sender, and messages from iMessage completely shows the message right on the lock screen.

The new iPhone default settings have been changed. No one will read confidential information until the user unlocks phone with Face ID.

To hide the content of notifications in the old iPhone you must go to your device settings, then the tab “Notifications”. Here you need to click on “Show thumbnails” and select “If unlocked” instead of “Always”. Now, in order to see the information in the alert, you need to put your finger on the Home button but not press it.

iPhone X — smartphone Corporation Apple presented September 12, 2017 along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the “Theatre of Steve jobs”.

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