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iPhone X and iPhone 8 support contactless charger

In addition to standard support wireless Qi charging stations, iPhone 8 and iPhone X will get support for contactless chargers.


The engineers of MIT alumni have developed a wireless charging device, which uses a more advanced Qi standard. Thanks to new technology you can charge the phone and continue to use it without attaching wires.

Before the release of iPhone X rumors that Apple implements wireless charging, until then, until it becomes truly wireless. Fans were disappointed, as Apple demonstrates on the stage of the Qi standard platforms that are supported by Android phones for several years.

As it turned out, in addition to the current Qi standard, the iPhone will get support for contactless charging. And a suitable charger will be available next year. Engineers from startup Pi has already demonstrated a working instance and accept on it now.

According to the developers, the Pi will be able to transmit at 10 watts on four devices simultaneously, and the charging speed is comparable to charging with a wire. But there’s bad news. To complete the work Pi need to be in 25-30 centimeters from him.

The exact release date of the Pi, as its price, yet to be named.

Last year there were rumors that Apple is in conjunction with the company Energous is working on developing a chip for wireless charging of devices at distances up to five meters. Likely, this development will have to wait another few years.

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