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iPhone with the letter “S”: update history

Left quite a bit of time to the moment when Tim cook with his characteristic restraint will present the world iPhone 6s. This year is odd, and therefore he will be, literally, under the auspices of the letter “S”.

Millions of fans around the world, with bated breath, waiting for September 9. Judging by publicly available insiderscore information, new iPhone, including the Plus version will be equipped with modern A9 processor, improved on all fronts of the modules of the camera, this time with 2 gigabytes of RAM, and up to the end not fulfilled his potential Force Touch technology. A very decent set of updates, which is quite drawn to call it a natural evolution. The revolutionary development and design, usually Apple releases through generation.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but mentally go back in time 6 years ago and try to figure out what tendency unites the device “marked” by the letter “S”.

Many iPhone users love to post videos to Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte. Today quite a common thing to record video with her cat, friends or relatives, but not everyone knows that the video capability in their smartphones Apple has added only in the 3GS model, the first device with an additional “S” at the end. This device was a real breakthrough: a responsive touchscreen with multi-touch, App Store, multitasking, word, comfort of use was beyond praise.

“Siri, do I need an umbrella today?”, – this and many other questions one could ask mobile assistant, which debuted in 4s-modification in 2011 (in English language, because the Russian language was only added in iOS 8.3). It was the first time the presentation was not Steve jobs, he wasn’t even in the room. Although no one could not assume that Apple will not release iPhone 5, but again, if I pull this stunt with the addition of a single letter. “For ass” – as critics called him – could boast probably the best camera installed in the mobile device, and the first of its kind assistant, possessing artificial intelligence.

2013-the year and the iPhone 5s. It seems that it was yesterday. The most memorable update, where Tim cook was focused, was the introduction of the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Of course, the farm is a good thing, especially because many users began to store their smartphones, data cards, passports and other things.

And finally, 2015. To a formal event with exclamations of “amazing!”, “incredible!” is just a few days. Thanks to the Internet, analysts and journalists we almost accurate to know the details layout “Asok”, their innovations and even the appearance of the packaging. However, every time we sit and enthusiastically watch the presentation, expecting to see something amazing imagination.

With regard to question trends, the answer lies on the surface. S-Apple devices brings to mind and corrects those flaws that occurred in the previous generation of smartphones and also adds some interesting features. Will there be the same this time? There is no doubt.

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