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iPhone will tell you what banks in Russia can be closed

It’s no secret that one of the most burning topics of the last months were numerous Bank closures and the revocation of licenses. On one side is to blame for the crisis, attempts to leave which I can not succeed, on the other hand – do not clean the hands of heads of banks, or falsify statements, bringing meanwhile depositors ‘ money in offshore accounts.

Now the iPhone will prompt the risk of the Bank’s operations, and not according to standard ratings compiled by people, whose opinion is usually influenced by money from the “outside”, and on the technological technique without human intervention. The application of Benkirane keeps track of changes in performance indicators over nine hundred large and small banks in Russia, reacting to the slightest change.

“Long-term observations of leading financial analysts of several of the largest banks of Russia led to the creation of a unique formula of calculation of the true rating of the credit institution, devoid of subjective human relations”, say the developers of the application. And if your money is invested in a Bank at risk, the program will notify about it for a month before he can revoke the license.

“Benkirane” can be downloaded for free on iPhone and iPad. The app is compatible with devices running iOS 7.1 and above.

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