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iPhone will receive automatic editing selfies

We increasingly have to photograph myself a smartphone with an outstretched arm – for avatars, social networks or just “because everyone does that.” While the fashion for selfies studied by sociologists, psychologists criticize and despise intellectuals, Apple has prepared the tools for creating quality self-portraits. As reported by The Next Web, one of the following versions of iOS auto correct pictures.

In patent portfolio Apple appeared patent on the technology of automatic processing selfie immediately after shooting. Its essence is that the user can set unique settings, shutter speed, exposure time, sharpness, brightness and effects iPhone and will use them automatically when people make a self-portrait or someone will take your picture.

The patent also States that the user can specify custom settings for other users. Thus, you don’t have to do settings for a specific person, and then post processing.

It should be noted that the patent in question Apple acquired from Kodak. The document was registered in June 2012 principal investigator of the company.

Observers expect the automatic photo editing you may receive in one of the following versions of iOS.

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