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iPhone will no longer bend: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be thicker and easier [video]

More and more details about the new iPhone 6s fill the Network. We already know that externally, the gadget will be similar to the current model. Also there is good reason to believe that the iPhone 6s will receive support Force Touch. However, due to the introduction of this technology, the new product will add a few in thickness.

Author viral videos about bendable iPhone 6 Unbox Therapy has studied the rear panel of the new iPhone 6s and made some interesting discoveries. As expected, the model case is virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone 6, however, something he is still inferior, namely in thickness. The thickness of the prototype 7.1 mm, while the height of the edges of the iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm. it is Assumed that the reason for such change — in sensors, through which the screen of the smartphone will be able to recognize the pressing force, as do

We will remind, earlier on the implementation in the iPhone 6s Force Touch technology showed a photo of the inside side of the screen. Attention was drawn to the rectangle on the metal plate that separates the LCD from the other components of the smartphone. It’s possible that this is the pressure sensor.

Digital caliper showed the following dimensions: 138 x 66,91 for iPhone 6 and 138,2 x 67,16 mm for iPhone 6s. How do I find the author of the video, the smartphone has grown through the wall of the housing, which became twice as big. But size is not the only difference. At the time, as the back cover of the iPhone 6 weighs 27 grams, the iPhone 6s is only 25, Suggests that the new smartphone case is made from aluminum 7000 – series aluminum alloy with zinc. This material is 60% stronger and lighter than traditional aluminum alloys. And, despite the small weight of this material, it has up to a third of the density of stainless steel.

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We already have preliminary information about the “stuffing” iPhone 6s: in all likelihood, the gadget will be built on the basis of the Apple A9 chipset. The volume of operative memory type LPDDR4 will increase to 2 GB. In addition, there will be more and main camera resolution (for the first time since the release of the iPhone 4s) – maybe this would be a 12-megapixel version, which can be used to create spectacular photos and amazing video.

The official presentation of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus will be held at a special event on 9 September.

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