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iPhone will collect photographs and fingerprints of the robbers

The ubiquity of mobile devices, which made up a strong competition to the personal computers and have assumed many daily user tasks, confronts the producers challenge: to provide reliable protection gadgets from theft. Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent application Apple, which describes a system of identif ication thieves. According to the plan, the company iPhone and iPad will store information about users who are trying to unlawfully gain access to the device.

If at the moment the service Find My iPhone allows you to remotely lock the gadget with a password, you wipe it all the information to give sound signals, and track location, then soon he will learn to gather information about the kidnappers. If the gadget is stolen, the owner will be able to obtain fingerprints and a photograph of the alleged offender, and to learn the location of your smartphone, record the sounds around him and even to measure the air pressure.

The idea of the protective system is to use biometric module, camera, and other sensors of the iPhone to collect information about the person who stole your smartphone. The obtained data should help in the search and capture of the attacker. They will allow law enforcement agencies with great success to find the robbers, and they will have indisputable proof of involvement in the crime.

Storage of information of illegal access to your iPhone and iPad can be performed on the device itself or on a remote server. For these purposes, Apple is planning to create a separate database that will store fingerprints and photos of the owners themselves.

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It should be noted that this is a question only about the concept. On the timing of the practical implementation of the technology is not reported.

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