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iPhone will be a full replacement remote Apple TV 4

Very soon Apple TV owners will be able to control set top box using iPhone. This will be introduced along with updating of the application “Remote” for iOS. This told top executives Apple eddy cue and Craig Federighi in an interview with journalist John Gruber.

The remote control that comes bundled with the new Apple TV, it offers a wide functionality, but has several drawbacks. First, it’s too small and often lost. Secondly, a small touch panel of the Desk is made of glass, so users do not leave the fear of failure, despite the assurances of Apple in the strength of the gadget. Finally, thirdly, if the remote control is permanently lost or unusable, a replacement will cost 6,500 rubles.

Great news shared senior Vice President of Apple’s software and services eddy cue and Vice President of software development Craig Federighi, who were guests of The Talk Show podcast, John Gruber. According to them, in the near future to control Apple TV can be via iPhone.

Further more quotes from the interview, which deserve special attention:

Q: In the coming months we will release an updated Remote app, so if you have an iPhone, you can use its keyboard to enter text on the Apple TV. I think this will be very useful.

Federighi: what’s More, the update will make it possible to use Siri on iPhone voice control for TV. This is a really great update.

Gruber: Well, such an app already exists, and it is already possible to connect to Apple TV.

Q: It is. As Craig said, it is a function of the keyboard. But the updated app “Remote control” will offer all opportunities, which has a complete remote for Apple TV.

Gruber: Wow!

Federighi: Including gestures. It is obvious that the function of the trackpad can perform the display of the phone. So it is really an equivalent replacement.

Executives have confirmed that the new iPhone will be available in multiplayer games where one player can use the standard remote for Apple TV and the second iPhone with the app “Remote”.

In light of secrecy at Apple, to hear such revelations from the company’s representatives are quite unusual. The new version of “Remote control” is expected in March, along with the announcement of iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and the release of iOS 9.3.

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