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iPhone vs. iPhone 6s 6s Plus: the test [video]

On Friday, September 25, started official sales of new smartphones Apple. Those wishing to buy iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus lined up the day before, however, as it turned out, not all gadgets need as phone: to some they are necessary to see what’s inside them, and the other for testing.

Journalists PhoneBuff decided to test the strength of the iPhone 6 Plus with a larger screen, simultaneously comparing it with the iPhone 6s. New flagships structurally little different from each other, so the purpose of this experiment is to see how the presence of a 5.5-inch display affect the strength of the device.

Test PhoneBuff was conducted in the fall in the most common situation is with the chest level. Each device was thrown at the back panel, on the bottom face and on the front side, after each experiment was estimated damages.

The protective glass of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus successfully passed the first two tests. After the fall of the casing is formed only small scratches. Touchdown on display led to the destruction of the protective glass smartphones. The experts came to the conclusion that the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus most vulnerable place is still glass, although the result of the fall depends on what position will drop the device.

Experiment, oddly enough, brings practical benefits. All we, the users of mobile devices that are trying to protect your gadgets, exposing them to minimal loads. Of course, the iPhone might just accidentally slip out of our hands and fall to the floor or asphalt, but this happens very rarely. Such crash tests allow us to learn what will happen to the phone if it intends to do.

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