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IPhone users X smartphone for Face ID and coolest camera

According to Strategy Analytics, TrueDepth camera iPhone X was the main reason for buying a new smartphone, most users surveyed.

The study also found that iPhone X respond positively to the transition to a new type of recognition of the user’s Face ID. It is noted that Animoji is also one of the key features that predispose people to buy this Apple smartphone.

Analysts said

“The attitude to the brand remains an important factor X. for iPhone Users trust Apple. Those who are already in the ecosystem of the company, continue to buy its new products.”

The report is based on a survey of 568 people who bought the first iPhone X. the Positive feedback received the Super Retina HD display and energy-intensive battery. Over 80% of respondents expressed their positive impression of the updated components.

Adam Thorwart, a leading specialist Strategy Analytics and author of the report, expressed his opinion:

“In General, buyers are satisfied with iPhone X device. Positive reaction to new device features and the reputation of the Apple brand helps the product to grow in the smartphone market in the United States.”

Kevin Nolan, VP at Strategy Analytics, commented on the report:

“The iPhone X has been updated almost all the functions, so it is understandable that users are likely to be satisfied with the device. Especially noteworthy is the updated camera. Buyers rejoice the new flagship, as ever.”

Every year Apple produces a revolution in how to look the best smartphone. Within 10 years the latest features, from MultiTouch to Face ID, immediately after the release of met users to cheers and instantly has become the accepted standard. The company forced the competitors to copy the achievements and fight for market share to stay in trend. At the same time, none of the smartphone manufacturer or widely licensed mobile platform failed to create a consistent string of hits with such a high level of sales and verhoelst audience.

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Corporate giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been unable to implement so commercially successful sale of smartphones, even with a large base of research and technology. Android smartphones have become the only alternative. This level of sales can be seen only from Samsung and Huawei, but these are also much wider model range, and the average price per device is much lower than that of Apple. And about the phone on Windows, you can just keep quiet. This suggests that only Apple is currently pushing forward the market for innovation in smartphones. As a result, all the novelties unconditionally and joyfully accepted by the users.

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