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IPhone users were the victims of “Easter eggs” in social networks

IPhone and iPad users in Russia were victims of the draw on social networks in which their devices fail. In several major communities of “Vkontakte” released a recording in which refers to the possibility to get “new hippie design standard applications and a couple new Wallpapers”.

To do this, users are encouraged to manually change the date in device settings on 1 January 1970 and reboot iPhone. In reality, as you know, iPhone owners are victims of a global failure which smartphone stops responding during the download and no longer included. Danger prone smartphones and tablets Apple, which are equipped with 64-bit chip Apple A7, A8 and A9, and are running iOS 8 or 9.

Thursday, February 11, about the problem first reported by the users of the forum Reddit. It helps manual removing the battery, which is produced in professional service, either waiting a full discharge of the battery device.

It is believed that the error is “inherited” from iOS ancestors OSes – UNIX systems. The fact that 1 January 1970 is “zero” in UNIX. Given time zones, the system when setting this date as the system is faced with “negative” time, which causes a fatal crash.

Attackers can exploit failed iOS mass to incapacitate your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. “When you connect to public Wi-Fi network, the device synchronizes the time with NTP server. An attacker can send a malicious query to determine the date 1.01.1970 on each iPhone on the network and thereby put them out of action”, the experts say.

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