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IPhone users spend on untangling headphone 3.5 days of my life

The problem of tangled headphones we face every day. This often happens completely out of place. You take the subway or the bus and start nervously looking for the end of a tangle of wires. Or your child asks for the umpteenth time to unravel its “intricacies”.

Developer Edward Annette conducted the mathematical calculations and found out how much time is spent on unraveling the EarPods. Depending on how often a person listens to music, this procedure can take up to 32 seconds per day.

According to the calculations Aneta, every person is confronted daily with three quick (4 seconds each) and a slow unraveling (20 seconds). If you use headphones on average 6 days a week for the past 8 years and plan to use them for another 30 years, this translates into 9390 days.


299 520 seconds to untangling headphones.

4992 minutes.

83.2 per hour.

Almost 3.5 days (3,4666).

No wonder why Apple decided to get rid of the audio Jack and switch to a wireless connection!

Enriching humanity this invaluable knowledge, the developer, probably out of modesty, did not mention the solution to the problem of tangled headphones. From our side we will note that the easiest and most effective way to solve complicated story: fold the cord in half, then half again and then tie it loosely in a simple knot.

It should be noted that the calculations of Edward Aneta is relevant only for Apple earphones. During the experiment it was found that the number of nodes in the headphones directly depends on the model. For example, headphones Bowers & Wilkins C5 are the most convenient in this respect – they were only 21 knots. And the model Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones nodes was 50.

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